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2. Soil Preparation/Planting Cycle

Wake up the soil early to full fertility. Applying Complete and/or Soil Infusion at the planting phase will re-establish and support healthy biological activity in the soil, designed to “jump start” early growth. The balance of nutrients and pre-biotics in these products are formulated to re-create the Soil Food Web balance. The result is a dynamic increase in pro-biotic activity, converting locked up minerals and fertilizers into available nutrients. The interaction of the Soil Food Web will warm the soil and improve flocculation, creating a supportive environment for germination and seedling development. This healthy soil will encourage early growth and vitality providing an ideal aerobiczone where roots can penetrate and establish with ease.

We also recommend Seed Treatment to prepare the seeds for planting. This product provides readily available nutrients or a healthy sprouting seed naturally protecting it from disease invasion. The powdery blend will easily coat the seeds, creating a dynamic environment for healthy germination and seedling development.

  • Nitro Booster
    $30.00 Choose Options Nitro Booster
    A dynamic balanced source of organic nitrogen. Derived from plant based amino acids, crab meal, fish meal, coral calcium, kelp and nutrifying carbon.  The coral calcium thickens the cell walls resulting in added plant...

  • Phos Cal 30
    $18.00 Choose Options Phos Cal 30
    A readily available form of phosphorus, Phos Cal 30 is made from a base of Tennessee Brown ore with fulvic acid and kelp. The ingredients in this product have been micronized to minus 500 mesh for easy blending...

  • Soil Infusion
    $24.00 Choose Options Soil Infusion
    Soil Infusion is a complex high carbon product designed to build healthy soil and increasing the diversity of soil biology.  These carbon compound wake up the soil as they provide readily available food for the...

  • Complete
    $26.00 Choose Options Complete
    Complete is an “all in one” product combining the above mentioned products: SeaStar, PKS & Cal, Crop Recycle and Soil Infusion.  This combination is n excellent choice for row support at planting time...

  • Premium Seed treatment
    $15.00 Choose Options Seed Treatment
    A biodynamic combination of micronized soft rock phosphate, fishmeal, kelp, elemental sulfur, worm castings, humates, long and short chained polysaccharides and several other carbon compounds.  This mixture will coat...