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3. Growing Cycle

The soil is alive with biology like an army with many types of microbes doing different jobs. Research has pointed out that in order to thrive, these tiny creatures require a pre-biotic, carbon diet. Pre-biotic carbon supports the biology in transforming mineral and nutrient compounds into available plant nutrition. The growing cycle is an ideal time for a foliar application to balance out the soil conditions and stimulate root growth. Growth Plus/Instant Compost Tea also provides great foliar protection and a healthy energy boost. These products are formulated using the proper balance of pro-biotics, fertilizer and bio-stimulants to trigger a growth response, causing roots to grow more filaments. This action allows the plant to tap into a new dimension of fertility and more efficiently absorb nutrients. This process helps to create a nutrient dense high quality harvest which is highly marketable and economical to produce. For additional carbon and nitrogen fixers we recommend Fish Alive/SeaStar.

  • Concentrated Liquid Coral Calcium
    $65.00 Choose Options Concentrated Liquid Coral Calcium
    Micronized Coral Calcium in a Kelp base. Coral Calcium is mined from dry sea beds. It contains rare earth minerals, micro nutrients and biology.   All plants need calcium especially during the stress points of their...

  • Nitro Booster
    $30.00 Choose Options Nitro Booster
    A dynamic balanced source of organic nitrogen. Derived from plant based amino acids, crab meal, fish meal, coral calcium, kelp and nutrifying carbon.  The coral calcium thickens the cell walls resulting in added plant...

  • Growth Plus
    $22.00 Choose Options Growth Plus
    Dry soluble powder formulated with fish based organic nitrogen, soft rock phosphate, potassium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, humates, long chain polysaccharides and a broad diversity of biota to protect the leaf surface while...

  • Sea Star
    $26.00 Choose Options SeaStar
    SeaStar is a dynamic combination with generous amounts of micronized fish meal, soft rock phosphate, potassium sulfate, fulvic acid, crab meal, sulfur, biodynamic herbs and worm castings. There are over 24 ingredients in...

  • Fish Alive
    $15.00 Choose Options Fish Alive
    This product is designed to give the plant ample energy at this row support stage. The ingredients of micronized fish, crab and feather meal, fulvic acid, kelp, high energy carbon and nutrients combine to encourage dynamic...

  • Instant Compost Tea
    $15.00 Choose Options Instant Compost Tea
    We refer to this blend of micronized compost, soft rock phosphate, Alaska peat, crab meal, kelp, worm castings, bio-dynamic herbs and several other carbon compounds as “Compost Tea for beginners.” It requires no...