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4. Reproduction Cycle

During the reproduction/ bloom stage the plant requires a tremendous amount of energy. This is a critical time and many problems can occur such as too much nitrogen, sluggish hormone imbalances or not enough calcium (to name a few). Any of these situations may cause the bloom to abort. To avoid these problems we recommend Bloom Plus. This product has been carefully formulated to provide the balance of biology and nutrition required in this cycle. A foliar application is easily absorbed providing a much needed energy boost. Properly nourished plants have the energy to hang on to blooms insuring a viable seed set. This product will take the guess work out of the equation and provide optimum nutrition at this critical time to insure the highest quality production.


  • Nitro Booster
    $30.00 Choose Options Nitro Booster
    A dynamic balanced source of organic nitrogen. Derived from plant based amino acids, crab meal, fish meal, coral calcium, kelp and nutrifying carbon.  The coral calcium thickens the cell walls resulting in added plant...

  • Bloom Plus
    $22.00 Choose Options Bloom Plus
    This product is designed to set and prevent blooms from aborting by temporarily tempering the nitrogen keeping the plant in the bloom stage until bloom is secure. The high level of calcium will penetrate the surface dermises...

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