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Timing is very important to gain maximum results when applying these NOP compliant, Organic products. These touches (or cycles) describe what is happening or about to happen in the life cycle of the plant. Most plant growth patterns or conditions fall into these five stages. The following product recommendations mentioned here are designed to work in harmony with this natural timing and will optimize overall plant health and increase yield.

1. Residue Management


It was recently discovered that undigested crop residue can be a large contributor to pathogenic disease. This can happen if there is undigested organic material (previous crop residue). The breakdown of this crop residue creates a tremendous demand for oxygen due to the intense activity of microorganisms. If the demand for oxygen exceeds its supply, the metabolic process falters and plant debris begins to rot and putrefy, allowing the anaerobic microbes to take over; such as Fusarium, Root Rot and others. To avoid this unhealthy situation we recommend Crop Recycle. This product is designed to re-create and stimulate the natural composting process, improving healthy residue digestion. The dynamic biological activity results in an increase of available plant nutrition and better soil texture. Old plant debris is recycled into available nutrients, saving money on inputs. The application rates are based on the amount of organic material left in the field

 2. Soil Preparation/Planting Cycle 

8-seed-drill.jpgWake up the soil early to full fertility. Applying Complete and/or Soil Infusion at the planting phase will re-establish and support healthy biological activity in the soil, designed to “jump start” early growth. The balance of nutrients and pre-biotics in these products are formulated to re-create the Soil Food Web balance. The result is a dynamic increase in pro-biotic activity, converting locked up minerals and fertilizers into available nutrients. The interaction of the Soil Food Web will warm the soil and improve flocculation, creating a supportive environment for germination and seedling development. This healthy soil will encourage early growth and vitality providing an ideal aerobiczone where roots can penetrate and establish with ease.

We also recommend Seed Treatment to prepare the seeds for planting. This product provides readily available nutrients or a healthy sprouting seed naturally protecting it from disease invasion. The powdery blend will easily coat the seeds, creating a dynamic environment for healthy germination and seedling development.

3. Growing Cycle

8-hand-planting-seeds.jpgThe soil is alive with biology like an army with many types of microbes doing different jobs. Research has pointed out that in order to thrive, these tiny creatures require a pre-biotic, carbon diet. Pre-biotic carbon supports the biology in transforming mineral and nutrient compounds into available plant nutrition. The growing cycle is an ideal time for a foliar application to balance out the soil conditions and stimulate root growth. Growth Plus/Instant Compost Tea also provides great foliar protection and a healthy energy boost. These products are formulated using the proper balance of pro-biotics, fertilizer and bio-stimulants to trigger a growth response, causing roots to grow more filaments. This action allows the plant to tap into a new dimension of fertility and more efficiently absorb nutrients. This process helps to create a nutrient dense high quality harvest which is highly marketable and economical to produce. For additional carbon and nitrogen fixers we recommend Fish Alive/SeaStar.

4.  Reproduction Cycle

13-soybeans.jpgDuring the reproduction/ bloom stage the plant requires a tremendous amount of energy. This is a critical time and many problems can occur such as too much nitrogen, sluggish hormone imbalances or not enough calcium (to name a few). Any of these situations may cause the bloom to abort. To avoid these problems we recommend Bloom Plus. This product has been carefully formulated to provide the balance of biology and nutrition required in this cycle. A foliar application is easily absorbed providing a much needed energy boost. Properly nourished plants have the energy to hang on to blooms insuring a viable seed set. This product will take the guess work out of the equation and provide optimum nutrition at this critical time to insure the highest quality production.


5. Finishing Cycle

8-harvest-veg.jpgNow that the plant is established and reaching maturity, it’s time to focus on sizing and production. Jackpot Plus is formulated to shift growth from the plant structure to the fruiting body. There are several factors contributing to this outcome: A balance of potassium and calcium assist in the translocation of plant sugars from the leaf blade to the seed/fruit body. Potassium activates an enzyme in the plant responsible for opening the sugar gates and moving sugar and nutrition between plant cells. The resulting extra energy is now more available to the seed/fruiting body. A type of carbon shuts down the excess nitrogen activity resulting in less leaf growth and more energy for production. Phosphate, carbon and kelp create a healthy root zone keeping the rhizoshere active, energizing the roots to absorb more nutrients and ward off disease. Because the finishing cycle requires tremendous energy a foliar application is recommended 30-60 days prior to harvest. The additional nutrients are readily absorbed providing optimum nutrition for the plant and insuring the highest quality yields.