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Liquid Products

  • Concentrated Liquid Coral Calcium
    $65.00 Choose Options Concentrated Liquid Coral Calcium
    Micronized Coral Calcium in a Kelp base. Coral Calcium is mined from dry sea beds. It contains rare earth minerals, micro nutrients and biology.   All plants need calcium especially during the stress points of their...

  • Premium Cal 33
    $32.00 Choose Options Premium Cal 33
    Calcium and potassium in a carbon and kelp base. This product contains a generous amount of available calcium and magnesium. It has a balanced amount of potassium, silica and boron from the raw kelp. The ratio of calcium to...

  • Liquid Kelp Plus
    $32.00 Choose Options Liquid Kelp Plus
    We use pure raw native cold water kelp. No heat is used, it is micronized and mixed with many diverse carbon compounds which support biology. These ingredients have been carefully mixed for optimum results. Unheated kelp has...