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Living Stone Organics

When soil is healthy, plants are strong and resistant to disease and pests.  This is why we have created a full line of organic fertilizers designed to bring the soil, your soil back to full fertility.  Our product formulation is based on basic principles of the soil food web, supporting organic and sustainable agriculture.  

Our field tested, time proven products are easy to use and an effective, cost efficient  alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  These products work with nature to bring the soil back to full and balanced fertility for maximum nutrient density.  If you think of your land as an  investment, your home and family as a sacred trust, we have the products for your needs.

Across the country our customers are seeing more nutritious row crops, beautiful, water efficient golf courses, healthy trees, vineyards and safe environment in their backyard garden.  The future health of everyone on the planet depends on the choices we make.  Get started today!  Terra Biotics offers a complete system of products to create better soil, better yield, and better planet.





Living Stone Organic products are NOP Compliant

Verified compliant as a soil and crop amendment in organic crop production by Terra Boitics, Inc. (manufacturer) and Living Stone Organics (Label). All products guaranteed compliant and conforming to the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) under rule 7CFR205 of USA Congressional Law.